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The legend of magic mirror

the legend of magic mirror

Title: Paradise 2: Legend of the Magic Mirror Chinese Name: 灵镜传奇. Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Paradise 2: The Legend of Magic Mirror - 灵镜传奇 with subtitles. Subtitled in. The Magic Mirror (魔法の鏡, Mahou no Kagami) is a spherical mirror that is used by Jurio and Chris during their pilgrimage in The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy. the legend of magic mirror Threads 4 Posts Threads 2 Posts The witch said you will stay in the mirror and I will be you. But if Liam kisses her he will not be kissing Chantelle he will kiss the witch who now looks like Chantelle. Sorgfalt Jul 12th7:


The Legend of the Cursed Mirror!


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